Late last night I was kidnapped (not really lol) for an impromptu girl’s night, and we decided it would be a good idea to go out and see the new Tom Cruise/Morgan Freeman movie, ‘Oblivion’. I was intrigued about the film due to it’s futuristic story-line (who doesn’t love movies about the future!?) and of course, the phenomenal actors the movie boasted. First off, I enjoyed the film. The scenes were well done, the plot was well written and well constructed, the acting was believable, and the simple ideas of the film – the invaders, the war, the conflict, the betrayal, the rebellion – were very enjoyable. It was a Sci-Fi movie with all the usual Sci-Fi goodies, but it was a very human movie in what it’s messages, and characters, tried to make you feel. I do recommend it and I found it highly enjoyable and entertaining. I thought about the movie all the way home. For your enjoyment, the trailer –

Now, after returning home form the movies I quickly browsed my Kobo to see if there was anything light, and a bit different, that I could read. It suggested several books by R.L Mathewson, an author I have heard a bit about, but have never tried. I quickly read the synopsis for ‘Playing For Keeps’, ‘Sudden Response’ and ‘Perfection’. I bought all three, with an inkling that I would definitely enjoy them. I started with ‘Sudden Response’, a book about two best friends, Eric and Joe (short for Josephine) who’s mutual attraction for each other is ignored to save their friendship, which neither could stand to lose. Now, first off,  this book was very linear. You know where they are headed long before they actually get there, but, with that said, that doesn’t take away from them at all. If done well, the destination doesn’t take from the journey, and it didn’t here.  I was quickly pulled into their relationship, and I enjoyed the book’s characters – both the main and minor. The book was well written, well plotted out, and I read it in an entire sitting, which always tells me the author didn’t drop the ball or lose me during a slow plot point. If I can’t put it down, and I choose the book over sleep – it’s good.  This was a cute read, I laughed, I giggled and I just all around enjoyed it. It is not profound or deep, it just is what it is. A good read about two best friends of twenty-two years, their relationship, their conflict, their jobs, their family, and falling in love (or always being in love and just letting yourself fall, take a chance, and go for it). The writing style is well done and easy to like. The hero and heroine were easy to love  (which is a big deal for me. If I don’t like the main characters of a book, why bother reading about what happens to them?). It had some steamy scenes – which I do love – but if you don’t, this is your warning. It’s NO Fifty Shades – do not worry, but it did have some steamy love scenes.

These character work together as EMT’s. Which was an enjoyable part of the book as well.

The characters witty banter was my favorite part of the novel. Here’s just one example of many of the entertaining banter scenes that exist between Eric and Joe. *Spoiler warning!!*

“That better not be what I think it is,” Joe mumbled in the dark.
It was. “It’s not. Jeez, woman, someone’s paranoid. It’s my pocket light,” he said, wincing. Ah, he was only human after all.
“Well, then your flashlight is growing. Jeez, Eric, put a leash on that thing before it stabs me!”
“But it likes you,” he pouted.

Again, this was NOT a deep or profound book, but it was a very enjoyable night time read that had me laughing and smiling. The author has another series, ‘Neighbor From Hell’ which the other two books I purchased are from. The premise is romance between neighbors who do not get along (or all out hate each other!!). These books are very, very entertaining. They are a bit deeper, especially ‘Perfection’, and they are a little more entertaining due to the two lead males being “Bradfords”. Who doesn’t love a man who loves food? These two are downright hilarious. I will write reviews for those two books a bit later… But for now, it’s back to work for me, and then back to finishing ‘Perfection’, and later, ‘Divergent’.